A Thank You to Vianna Szabo

I wanted to launch this website with a thanks. A thank you to one of my greatest teachers, and dearest friend- Vianna Szabo. I first met Vianna at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. My mom had accidentally signed me up for the wrong workshop and I was less than excited. However, after meeting Vianna I became instantly inspired. She is without a doubt one of the most nurturing and generous people I have ever met.

Recently she gave me a book called "Oil Painting Secrets From a Master" on the teachings of David Leffel. On page 13, underneath a section titled "My Goals As A Teacher" Leffel writes "Talent is actually the ability to take risks" If talent is risk-taking, then I am a pretty untalented individual. With that being said, Vianna has always pushed me to take risks, get out of my comfort zone, but most importantly- to not fear the outcomes of those risks.

One of the most recent risks I have had to take is making this website. Creating a website is long overdue but I was always scared to put myself out there. I didn't want to put up work that I may regret in my future. Vianna urged and supported me to create this website, and with her backing I finally agreed.

Failure is inevitable. But that shouldn't stop us from moving forward. Thank you Vianna, for your support, patience and guidance. For making me a better person and a better artist, you'll always be the boss to me!